Keep Safe

Covid-19 – Safety measures

All unvaccinated international travelers arriving into the country will be required to be in possession of a negative COVID 19 PCR test result conducted not more than 72hrs before departure.

The Team at The Sands at Chale are fully vaccinated against COVID-19

At Sands at Chale Island we understand that this time of great uncertainty is having a huge impact on how we all live our lives, and we want to let you know what we are doing to implement rigorous health, hygiene and safety standards to make your visit safe.

The protocols outlined below combined with additional training programs for all employees will allow us to resume operations in a safe environment for our staff and guests.

Handwash Stations

Additional handwash stations will be available throughout the resort for all guests.

Social Distancing

Staff and guests to maintain a minimum 1.5 meters distance wherever possible.


Staff members will wear face masks at all times when interacting with guests.

Temperature & Health Checks

Arriving guests’ temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Employees will receive regular health checks to help protect themselves and guests from COVID-19.

Regular Disinfection

All common areas will be additionally cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day.

Deep Clean

Guest rooms and facilities will undergo additional deep cleans during your stay.

Front of House

Transfers & transport

  • All our vehicles will be disinfected before and after every use;
  • Our drivers will wear face masks during all transfers and excursions;
  • Guests will be seated in the back of our vehicles, not in front passenger seats, to help maintain distancing;
  • You may wear a face mask but are not obliged to do so if the driver section is segregated;
  • Before entering a vehicle all passengers will be requested to wash or disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer.

Welcome & Check In

  • Staff and guests will maintain 1.5 meters distance where possible. Markings on the floor at reception will help maintain social distance;
  • A hand washing station will be available on arrival, upon disembarking from vehicle. This station will include:
    • Running Water;
    • Soap;
    • Clean reusable towels and basket to dispose of used towels;
  • The hand washing area will be cleaned before guest arrival and immediately cleaned as soon as guest leave the area;
  • Arriving guests will have their temperature checked;
  • Luggage will be carried to guests’ room in a secure and structured manner, luggage will be moved to designated spots by staff members to avoid having bags in reception areas and common areas;
  • Check in procedure will include information from the KEEP SAFE policy;
  • All check-in formalities will be completed online to reduce contact and time upon arrival. To speed this process further, please send a passport copy together with all other details;
  • All items used during check in, such as folders or pens, will be kept sanitized.


  • Rooms will be disinfected after check out and before new guests check in;
  • Air conditioning filters will be cleaned after check out and before new guests check in;
  • All guest rooms will be cleaned and disinfected several times per day, with extra focus on high touch surfaces:
    • Soap clean during mornings;
    • Disinfection clean during afternoon;
    • Soap clean during turn down;
  • Linen will be changed after two nights or upon request from the guest;
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available outside your room to disinfect hands prior to entering the room;
  • Guest sun beds will be reserved for each room for the entire stay;
  • Pool towels are provided in the room and changed upon request.


  • Common areas such as the lounge, restaurant, swimming pool, spa area, are cleaned and disinfected several times per day;
  • Guests will enjoy private dinners. A social distance of 1.5 meters between different travel groups will be maintained;
  • Meals are safely served and do not include shared dishes or buffets;
  • Staff are trained for minimal contact and communication during service;
  • Staff will wear masks when serving meals.

Heart of House


  • Hand washing stations will be available at various locations in the staff area;
  • Staff will maintain 1.5 metres distance among themselves if work allows;
  • Safe and socially distanced transport from home to work is in place for all team members;
  • Staff uniforms will include masks. Uniforms are continuously sanitized and steam pressed with a heat iron;
  • Staff working in the kitchen, common areas and rooms will wear masks;
  • Regular health check-ups for employees;
  • New safety and hygiene training for all staff to help ensure all staff have the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and our guests.


  • In order to create an open and safe atmosphere where guests and staff can feel comfortable, please alert the management if you show any symptoms of flu or are not feeling well;
  • A Medical Focal Point and Safety Team will be identified among the staff and will receive additional, special training;
  • PPE equipment is available for the Safety Team;
  • Should someone show symptoms of illness, the person will be isolated in another comfortable room with all facilities. The Medical Focal Point will contact a Health Partner such as AMREF and follow their instructions regarding care and, if necessary, evacuation to a hospital.


  • Additional cleaning products and instructions have been supplied by our cleaning partners.