Top 3 spa treatments

Your island spa journey will take you from the frantic pace of every day life to a place of calm and tranquility, leaving you rejuvenated, recharged and awakened.

Here’s our pick of the top 3 spa treatments at Chale Island:

  1. The Sands Signature Journey, a revitalising spa therapy to revive and awaken the senses. Beginning with a welcome tea, followed by a bath soak and body scrub, moving to a body mask and appetizer facial before indulging in a full body massage.
  2. Chai Massage, an uplifting spa therapy based on the healing benefits of Kenyan green tea, hibiscus and liquorice with a welcome tea, foot ritual, body scrub and Swedish massage.
  3. Aromatherapy Massage, an holistic treatment based on the psychological and physical benefits of essential oils, designed to relax the body.
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