Tropical yoga classes

Let serenity be your guide with a yoga session on the edge of a tropical mangrove forest. Loosely translated from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, meaning ‘to unite’ or ‘integrate’, yoga has been around for thousands of years.

Yoga is intended to provide nourishment and empowerment by aligning the mind and body through the art of breathing techniques and bodily postures to induce calm and simple meditation. De-clutter your mind and revel in the moment.

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga expert, an occasional yogi or a newbie, the health and healing benefits of this ancient art abound during our weekly, outdoor yoga classes set on a galana stone platform perched on the edge of a mangrove forest. Our visiting yoga instructor will help you unwind to the mystical elements of the forest as you embrace the natural energies of the tidal lake and coral caves, feel the calm sea air tiptoeing through the trees and hear exotic Colobus monkeys calling close by.

Our yoga classes are designed to leave you feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy the delights of your stay on our exquisite island retreat.