Uncover the secret world of an ancient mangrove forest

Chale Island is full of hidden gems and memory making turns, just waiting for you to explore.

Chief among these is the island’s famed saltwater forest, also known as the Gazi Mangrove Reserve. A place of mystery and intrigue, the reserve is accessible by a motorized canoe which ferries you at high tide to the lagoon mouth where five different types of impressive mangroves stand tall and steadfast in the water to form an intricate ecosystem.

Fed by the Mukurumji River, these fascinating trees survive from brackish water and play host to a myriad of fish, mollusks, crustaceans and birds.

A high tide trip takes you into the heart of the forest where a number of sea birds can be spotted, including African Fish Eagles, Palm Nut Vultures, Herons, Storks and Ibis.

Don’t miss the chance to uncover the secret world of Chale’s ancient mangrove forest.

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